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    Check the thickness of the product
    Gypsum is an airtight bonding material. Gypsum line products must have corresponding thickness to ensure the ideal degree of intermolecular affinity, thereby ensuring a certain service life and integrity and safety during use. Assuming that the gypsum production line products are too thin, they not only have a short service life but also affect safety.
    Viewing Image Speckle Depth
    一般來說,石膏線條產品圖像標記的不均勻性應大于10毫米,且產量應較好。這樣,外墻裝飾線條設備結束后,再經過表面油漆處理,仍能堅持立體感,體現裝飾效果。假設石膏線條產品的圖像標記相對較淺,只需5 ~ 9毫米左右,效果會差得多。
    Generally speaking, the unevenness of image markings on gypsum line products should be greater than 10mm, and the production should be good. In this way, after the completion of the exterior wall decoration line equipment, the surface paint treatment can still adhere to the three-dimensional sense and reflect the decoration effect. Assuming that the image markings of gypsum line products are relatively shallow, only about 5-9 millimeters, the effect will be much worse.
    Look at the uneven prices of gypsum production lines
    Compared to the price of high-quality gypsum line decoration products, the price of low-quality gypsum line products is 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper. Although this cheap price is very attractive to users, it often shows obvious shortcomings and regrets after the device is used. Gypsum wire is usually made of gypsum and fiber or glass fiber reinforced plastic, with only a different appearance. For example, golden blue, light green, brown, etc. These styles are both modern and European.
    Look at the surface finish
    Due to the fact that the image markings of gypsum line products no longer frost during equipment painting, there is a higher requirement for surface smoothness. Only gypsum line products with a beautiful and smooth appearance and feel can have a good decorative effect. Assuming the appearance is rough and not smooth, the equipment will give a feeling of cutting corners after painting.
    Gypsum decorative materials mainly include corner lines, flat lines, and curved lines. The main ingredient is gypsum powder, which is mixed with a certain proportion of water, poured into the mold, added with fibers to increase resistance, and can have various markings. Its main equipment is located at the angle between the ceiling and the wall, and the interior can be accessed through water pipes, wires, etc. Practical and beautiful, with low price, it has the function of fire prevention, moisture-proof, insulation, sound insulation, and heat insulation, which can have a good decorative effect.
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