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    In the process of elevator door pocket decoration, the main concerns are the appearance, color, quality, price and so on. After these points are completed, the decoration effect can reach the ultimate, and everyone will be satisfied.
    1、 Appearance
    The stainless steel elevator door pocket has very good metal luster and use effect. The stainless steel elevator door pocket is mainly divided into brushed stainless steel elevator door pocket and mirror stainless steel elevator door pocket. The surface of the brushed stainless steel door pocket is matt, very textured, giving a sense of height. The mirror stainless steel door pocket surface has reflective effect like a mirror. The stainless steel door pocket is easy to use, durable and good-looking. It is now a product with a high frequency of use.
    2、 Color
    With the improvement of stainless steel processing technology, stainless steel door jambs can be plated with many colors. The common ones are rose gold, black titanium, champagne gold, bronze, bronze, etc. These colors are very distinctive and have a strong decorative effect.
    3、 Quality
    Stainless steel door jambs are made of stainless steel materials, which have strong corrosion resistance. Moreover, the strength of stainless steel materials is high, and it is not easy to be deformed and damaged during use. The quality of door jambs is much better than that of other materials.
    Generally, the stainless steel door pocket will be made of 201 and 304 materials. The main difference between the two is that the ingredients are different. The quality of 304 is good and the price is expensive. 201 is a little worse, but the stainless steel made of 201 can completely meet the customer's household needs. There are two types of stainless steel door jambs, one is that the vertical and horizontal edges are 45 degrees of angle, and the other is that the vertical and horizontal edges are installed vertically. The latter one is recommended. The former one sometimes needs to weld the angle, which is very troublesome, and the effect is not good.
    Product introduction of stainless steel door jamb - introduction to installation method of stainless steel door jamb
    You can use a 9 cm plate as the door pocket lining. If the bricklayer is good, you can also omit this step. The stainless steel door pocket can directly flatten the wall.
    Due to the small amount of household decoration, merchants generally do not go to the door to measure, which requires us to measure by ourselves, and the measurement should be accurate to millimeter. Find a shop with a bending machine, determine the style and negotiate the price. They will measure the size at home and process it quickly.
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