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    來源:http://www.shjskw.com/ 瀏覽:發表時間:2023-03-30
    1、 Definition of dumbbells and door jambs
    Dumbbed cover refers to a door cover that does not need to be used with a matching door leaf and is only used for decoration on the portal. It is called a dumbbed cover, which can play a protective and decorative role on the portal. The dumbbell cover is divided into a half set and a full set. Many families may have different decoration styles in local areas. At the connection points of the space, using a dumbbell cover for connection and packaging can make the entire space connect more naturally.
    Door jambs can be directly referred to as door frames, which are created to secure and protect the door frame. Door jambs are customized according to the size of the door frame. In terms of color, they can be consistent with the color of the door, or they can be different, depending on the preferences of the residents themselves. Door jambs are needed in various spaces of family decoration, such as entrance doors, study doors, bedroom doors, and other places.
    2、 The difference between a dumbbell cover and a door cover
    The main difference between a dumbbell cover and a door cover lies in the location of use. The door cover is used in a matching manner where there is a door; The dumbbell cover is used in places such as balconies or where doors do not need to be installed, mainly for aesthetic purposes, such as modeling and corner protection. In addition to the different locations of use, the biggest difference between a mute cover and a door cover lies in the different manufacturing processes. Relatively speaking, the style of the door cover is relatively small, while the mute cover has a variety of styles that can be paired with different home decoration design environments. The style can also be divided into half package and full package, while the door cover is relatively simple.
    3、 Functional characteristics of dumbbell covers and door covers
    For dumbbells, they mainly play a protective and aesthetic role in decoration. Dumbbells can be made into various shapes, so you can choose dumbbells where you don't need to make doors, and they can be paired with chic shapes to highlight the residential style; For door jambs, if they are not durable, it will affect the effect and lifespan of the door. Therefore, the quality of the door pocket is very important. For some special places for home decoration, such as kitchens and toilets, due to the humid air, they are prone to moisture, and the requirements for door jambs are relatively high. It is often necessary to choose some anti-corrosion and moisture-proof door jambs.
    4、 Decorative effect of dumbbell cover and door cover
    In terms of decoration effects, dumbbell covers and door covers vary. The mute cover is relatively suitable for choosing designs such as idyllic scenery, Mediterranean style, and European style. As shown in the decoration effect diagram of the porch partition above, it can not only fill the space, but also make the entire environment more beautiful and charming; Door jambs can also give the entire home a refreshing feeling. The door is the outermost layer of the entire home and the key to connectivity. A unified door jamb can make the entire home space more integrated.
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