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    來源:http://www.shjskw.com/ 瀏覽:發表時間:2023-04-04
    1. Intelligent infrared anti climbing device: When someone climbs the door, the system will immediately alarm to ensure safety inside the door.
    2、特種型材:在高硬度鋅鋁合金型材上加上不同幾何形狀筋骨能大大增強其強度,表面經特殊電泳處理,光澤無限,不易粘塵,不被污染氣體腐蝕,決不生銹,保新期長。這是不銹鋼玻璃門的一大優點啊! 不銹鋼玻璃門的作用和特點
    2. Special profiles: Adding different geometric shapes of ribs to high hardness zinc aluminum alloy profiles can greatly enhance their strength. The surface is treated with special electrophoresis, which has infinite luster, is not easy to stick to dust, is not corroded by polluted gases, and is never rusted, with a long shelf life. This is a major advantage of stainless steel glass doors! The Function and Characteristics of Stainless Steel Glass Doors
    3. Engineering plastics: The main plastic parts of the door body (such as the connection between pipes, plastic parts, door moving parts, etc.) are made of high-quality engineering plastics (such as PC, PA), which have high toughness, impact resistance, torsion resistance, wear resistance, frost resistance, sun resistance, not easy to age, long service life, and are free from wind, snow, lightning, sun, and rain.
    4、智能紅外線探頭防碰撞裝置:門體在關閉過程中遇人或異物30-50cm可自動返回運行,從而保障車輛及行人 的安全。 標準結構:門排內空(即前后相臨兩大彎主管之間的距離,不含主管尺寸)采用不銹鋼玻璃門標準尺寸320mm(參照國外技術),保證交叉管固,并大大減少運行噪音。
    4. Intelligent infrared probe anti-collision device: The door body can automatically return to operation when encountering people or foreign objects 30-50cm during the closing process, thereby ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Standard structure: The inner space of the door row (i.e. the distance between the two adjacent large curved main pipes, excluding the main pipe size) adopts a stainless steel glass door with a standard size of 320mm (referring to foreign technology) to ensure the fixation of the cross pipes and greatly reduce operating noise.
    5、獨特工藝制作門體主框架型材由塑料件連接而成,連接位的螺絲固定采用隱型設計,提高門體的外觀性,型材與塑料件的連接則采用沖、壓、鉆等工藝,使門體 結構牢固, 絕無焊點。新交叉連接設計:交叉管采用特殊工藝沖制而成,并配 用超級PA耐磨套,與圓管緊密結合不僅使門排結構更加牢固,而且保證運行更加平滑。
    5. The main frame profile of the door body is made by a unique process, which is connected by plastic parts. The screw fixation at the connection position adopts a concealed design to improve the appearance of the door body. The connection between the profile and the plastic parts adopts processes such as punching, pressing, and drilling, making the door structure firm and without solder joints. New cross connection design: The cross pipe is made by special process punching and equipped with super PA wear-resistant sleeve, which is tightly combined with the circular pipe to not only make the door truss structure more firm, but also ensure smoother operation.
    6、不銹鋼玻璃門的特點美化環境、改善企業面貌、提升企業形象;有助于營造文明企業、文明工廠、文明 城市氣氛;提高安全性、即使深夜遇有破壞或翻越,立刻報警。 不銹鋼玻璃門主要用于生活小區,機關,企業事業單位等。
    6. The characteristics of stainless steel glass doors beautify the environment, improve the appearance of the enterprise, and enhance the image of the enterprise; Helping to create a civilized enterprise, factory, and city atmosphere; Improve safety and report to the police immediately even if there is damage or overtaking at night. Stainless steel glass doors are mainly used in residential areas, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, etc.
    Thank you for reading. The exciting content of this article comes from: Shandong Gongstainless steel glass doors. We will continue to present more exciting content for you. For more details, please click: http://www.shjskw.com
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