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    來源:http://www.shjskw.com/ 瀏覽:發表時間:2023-04-12
    It is not difficult to find that previous elevator door covers were made of marble and other stone materials, but due to the continuous exploitation of natural resources, stone materials have become increasingly scarce, leading to an increase in prices. In order to achieve sustainable development and reduce costs in the future, many manufacturers have started to use other materials to replace the original elevator door covers, and the common alternative material is stainless steel. The stainless steel elevator door cover is clean and tidy, giving a strong and atmospheric visual effect. Compared to the marble material elevator door cover, it is also lighter to install and can be used normally in outdoor environments with less restrictions. However, as a metal material, stainless steel has certain requirements for installation technology.
    Installation process of stainless steel door pocket:
    (1) Firstly, make according to the drawings or proposed specifications and styles (with style books);
    (2) Choose the right materials;
    (3) Cut materials accurately to ensure correct length and verticality or 45 ° interface;
    (4) Welding or screws should be firm;
    (5) The facade should be level and not tilted;
    (6) Polishing edges and corners;
    (7) Make necessary packaging;
    (8) During the transportation process of door-to-door delivery, there shall be no collision.
    The above is the installation process of stainless steel door covers introduced by the editor. I hope it can be helpful to everyone after reading! Although the stainless steel elevator door cover itself has good quality, can withstand acid and corrosion, it also needs to be installed correctly to play its role. Therefore, caution should be exercised during the installation process to avoid affecting the service life and decorative effect of stainless steel door covers due to installation.
    This article is organized and published by Binzhou stainless steel elevator door covers. Have you gained some understanding of these contents? For more information, please click on: http://www.shjskw.com We will have more exciting content waiting for you to check out.
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