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    來源:http://www.shjskw.com/ 瀏覽:發表時間:2023-04-26
    拉絲處理是要在沖壓之后再做的,拉絲可根據裝飾需要,制成直紋、亂紋、螺紋、波紋和旋紋等幾種。 直紋拉絲是指在5052鋁板表面用機械磨擦的方法加工出直線紋路。它具有刷除5052鋁板表面劃痕和裝飾5052鋁板表面的雙重作用。直紋拉絲有連續絲紋和斷續絲紋兩種。連續絲紋可用百潔布或不銹鋼刷通過對5052鋁板表面進行連續水平直線磨擦(如在有靠現裝置的條件下手工技磨或用刨床夾住鋼絲刷在5052鋁板上磨刷)獲取。改變不銹鋼刷的鋼絲直徑,可獲得不同粗細的紋路。
    Brushing treatment is done after stamping, and can be made into several types according to decorative needs, such as straight lines, irregular lines, threads, ripples, and spiral lines. Straight wire drawing refers to the process of machining straight lines on the surface of 5052 aluminum plate using mechanical friction. It has a dual function of brushing scratches on the surface of 5052 aluminum plate and decorating the surface of 5052 aluminum plate. There are two types of straight wire drawing: continuous and intermittent. Continuous silk patterns can be obtained by using a cleaning cloth or stainless steel brush to continuously horizontally and linearly rub the surface of 5052 aluminum plate (such as manually grinding or using a planer to clamp a steel wire brush on the 5052 aluminum plate under the condition of existing devices). Changing the diameter of the steel wire of the stainless steel brush can obtain different thicknesses of patterns.
    Intermittent silk patterns are generally processed on a brushing or wiping machine. Production principle: Two sets of differential wheels rotating in the same direction are used. The upper group is a fast rotating grinding roller, and the lower group is a slow rotating rubber roller. Aluminum or aluminum alloy plates are divided into two sets of rollers.
    (1) Good processability: The positive grade aluminum oxide plate has strong decorative properties, moderate hardness, and can be easily bent into shape for continuous high-speed stamping, making it easy to directly process into products without the need for complex surface treatment, greatly reducing the product production cycle and reducing production costs.
    (2) Good weather resistance: standard thickness oxide film (3 μ m) The anodized aluminum plate is not discolored, corroded, oxidized, or rusted for long-term indoor use. Thickened oxide film (10 μ m) The anodized aluminum plate can be used outdoors and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without changing color.
    (3) Strong metallic feeling: After anodizing, the surface hardness of the aluminum plate is high, reaching gemstone level, with good scratch resistance. The surface is not covered with paint, retaining the metal color of the aluminum plate, highlighting the modern metallic feeling, and improving the product grade and added value.
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